Family Trapped In Hospital Failing to Reach Goal

This week, the Gottlieb family made their painful story public: Their 22-year-old daughter, Sara, was told by doctors in Israel that her cancer was too advanced for her life to be saved. Unwilling to accept their grim diagnosis, her parents flew her to MD Medical Center in Texas. Upon arrival they were told that there was hope for Sara, if she could undergo a bone marrow transplant. However the doctors in the hospital refuse to operate until a devastating $460,000 has been paid to them in full.

The Gottlieb family has since been trapped in the hospital, with a daughter who is too ill to leave her bed, but unable to move forward with her treatments. Sara's father, Yisroel Gottlieb, told their story with the help of tzedaka organization Kupat Ha'Ir this week, and there was a nearly immediate response. Jews of all backgrounds all over the world were moved by the horrific imagery of a young girl losing her life due to a lack of funds.

One particularly harsh aspect of the Gottliebs' case, however, is that nothing short of $460,000 will procure the operation. They must reach their goal in order to receive the bone marrow transplant.

Despite the incredible generosity of people around the world, the family has fallen short of their goal. With only one day left to their fundraising campaign with Kupat Ha'Ir, and Sara's health continuing to decline, the situation could not be more time-sensitive.

When it comes to this distant glimmer of hope in preserving a young girl's life, halfway will not do. Those who have followed the story pray that there will be a happy ending.

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