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New Bnei Brak current events: (Story #3)

A few months ago, a young man named Rav Dovid Moshe (ben R’ Shloime) z”l, was niftar in Bnei Brak. Reb Dovid Moshe z”l, unfortunately had a very difficult life, having suffered tremendously with various personal struggles.

Very recently, the niftar appeared to his close friend, HaRav Tzvi Kahana Shlita. The niftar looked terrible. Rav Tzvi asked him, “Why do you look so bad, especially since we understand that yesurim/personal difficulties wipe away sins? Shouldn’t you, who suffered here SO MUCH, be in a great place upstairs?”

The niftar responded, “It is true that yesurim clean up many sins. However, for one sin of which I’m guilty, no amount of suffering or good deeds in the lower world is able to cleanse. That is the sin of [disrespectful] talking in shul by davening.” He explained that he’s suffering with tremendous anguish in the most horrifying ways for that sin.

The niftar added  a request of his friend to PLEASE spread this message in his name so that when done, it will PERHAPS soften the terrible judgment he has as a result of this most terrible sin - if people will be inspired and be most careful [about not talking in shul].

Reb Tzvi then contacted another friend of the niftar, Harav Yaakov Shimshon Nochum Yakobovitch Shlita, to assist him in spreading this message.

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It's abundantly clear when learning Shulchan Aruch WELL, that disturbing (with talking, cellphones......) IS  very disrespectful during any parts of Davening. 

עיין סימן  קכ"ד וסימן קמ"ו בשולחן ערוך, וגם בהרבה מראה מקומות המובאים בספר "כבוד בית ה

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A Clear Psak regarding talking Bein Gavra L'Gavra (From Harav Gershon Bess Shlita)

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Story #2

"How dare you insult my father"!

A friend of mine related an incident he experienced with the legendary Rav Shimshon Pinkus Zt”l.

It was late at night and they both needed to travel from Bnei Brak to Yerushalayim. They sat in the backseat of a taxi while a teenage Yeshiva bachur sat in the front. The irreligious taxi driver began a confrontational conversation with the young boy insulting Hashem and the Torah.

The bachur felt it was his duty to respond to the blasphemy uttered by the antagonist. The other two passengers kept whispering from the back in Yiddish for the bachur not to respond, but he did not listen. The taxi driver sensing the opposition from the backseat addressed R’ Shimshon with disdain, “why shouldn't he answer me? Maybe you can answer!”
R’ Shimshon tried to ignore him but the taxi driver insisted that he give him a satisfactory reply. Finally R’ Shimshon responded that he would only address the subject if the driver would agree not to interrupt, nor continue the conversation until they arrived at their destination.

After arguing about the restrictive conditions, the driver's curiosity got the better of him and he agreed to listen.

R’ Shimshon opened with a story:

Reuvain and Shimon were acquainted with each other on a casual basis. One day Shimon was standing at the street corner when Reuvain approached him overcome with laughter. With an amused smile Shimon asked Reuvain to let him in on the joke. Reuvain was laughing so hard he could hardly speak. Shimon tried to calm him down a bit and amidst intense chuckles, Reuvain began to tell him about an 18 wheeler truck that was in an accident a couple of blocks away.

Shimon did not see the humor in that and continued to question him about the occurrence. Reuvain, still laughing heartily, managed to tell Shimon that the huge truck had slammed into a man and sent him flying high in the air. Shimon, who was very disturbed by this information, began to wonder if Reuvain was sane. He could not imagine what could be so funny about such a tragedy. Reuvain went on, “you should have seen how that man's head , hands and feet went flying in every direction”!

He continued his absurd laughing and said, “And do you know the man was? ….It was your father!” Stunned and aghast Shimon managed to stammer unbelievingly, “What are you saying? … My father? … You mean to say that my father just met a horrifying death?! … and you think it's a joke?! … Get out of here right now! … How dare you insult my father in such an imprudent, outrageous manner”?

R’ Shimshon finished his dramatic tale and turning to the taxi driver he bellowed : “Hakadosh Baruch Hu… Hu ha’Abba Shelanu ! Shtok!”
(Hashem is our father! Keep quiet!)

WE MUST STAND UP FOR THE RESPECT OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, which is sadly being trampled on in Shul. 

During Davening in Shul, we ARE in front of our Father ... about 1,555 Yidden are already standing tall for HIM ... Shouldn't you?

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